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Screening of Get Real and Q&A with Ben Silverstone, Simon Shore and Patrick Wilde. Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square. 27th September @ 5.30pm. Click here to book.

The play that Get Real was based on has had a mini-resurgence since writer Patrick Wilde and I (Pete Shaw) took it to the Edinburgh Festival in 2008, and it then transferred to London in 2009 followed by a production in Cambridge also in 2009. The play has opened at many cities around the world, resonating with an audience that realise a decade and a half after the story was set, there are still bigoted people out there set on inequality and injustice. What are they all so scared of? It's only love.

Quick Quote
LINDA: Steve, aren't you a bit young to be rushing into this stuff?
STEVEN: Listen, if someone'd said to you when you were sixteen, "just wait a few more years to decide if you like men or not", you'd have said "I know now." Well, I know now and I want to enjoy myself while I'm young and attractive just like you do.
Well, while you're young anyway. (from a deleted scene)
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